Android on the Desktop

I think this project is too geoholiumed to be able to continue in the same direction. The technical concept is a bit outdated.

However, I believe the codebase could be good start for my new idea: A framework for running android apps on the desktop! As the most of the source code of android apps is java + common types of resources, I think it possible to build a java based framework which the codebase could be built to, and then make it possible to run the android apps straight on the desktop.

However, this is a quite big large project so this is something I have to mind.

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Some revelations about Spotify

I think I got what’s really happening with Spotify. In the last nine months, several kind of avant-garde changes has occured to Spotify. In the end of the summer 2011, I began notice how the pictures from AllImages were replaced with the cover of the most popular album at the artist profiles. I think this were an indication that core things of Spotify is going to change by the hint that previous versions of libspotify will be disabled soon.

While it shall be noticed I’m not a official employer (but a champion), I think there is some gorgeous changes to spotify. Until the mid-autumn in 2011, Spotify’s policy has been being very closed when it coming to integrate features and information from 3rd users and developers. But the intresting thing is that Spotify as a service, in order to gain any kind of chance survining and success in the US, must change their mind slighly in order to blow the opponents out. As there is several reports from the labels about the low royalities, Spotify need to increase the amount of paid plays per songs in order to be able to compensate the artists and labels and still keep recording there. To do this, they must increase the accessibility of the music, and this required some of the fundamental rules be changed. I believe the initial result of this were the Facebook-integration, which according to a source increase the number of users a lot, which will force the stakeholders to keep in good relationship with Spotify.

In many countries, the legal authoritories has getting more aggressive in their process of sueing people who pirating music. I believe this is a fundamental pillar in the process that is going to shape the future and beyond the last updates. By the last three years, the amount of lawsuits and purnishment of music pirates has increased a lot, and this is probably a leading reason why people consider stop file sharing and begin using services like Spotify. This means that these serivice will be free in the way that these people otherwise will soon get their economy drained by their financial liabilities the piracy causes, and the chance of getting accused for piracy is increasing a lot every day.

What this means for services like Spotify is a huge thing. In order to make these services lucurative on the behalf of both users and the music industry, they now begin realizing that they cannot make obstacles for people who want getting legal. Thus, these services must offer something that is better than piracy, and this is like fighting metastaces. In order to create something that are better than the free pirate copies, they must introduce features that are making sense to both labels and the peoples. I believe Spotify planned their profit to grow on the mass migration from the illegal copying, and from it starting year until 2011, it has been a real success. But to keep the people there, and prevent them fall of by the structural problems (DRM, OS-dependence etc.) the services must adopt something else than just ‘free music’. It must be a ecosystem, like Daniel said on the conference, where all parts (listeners, labels, press, users, developers) is living together in an ecosystem. By this way, the risk of people falling of is reduced as the ecosystem creates a dependence between all parts. The facebook-partnership illustrates how the ecosystem creates a some kind of relationship between all stakeholders. Spotify’s innovation is not their pricing model, it’s the insight of making the innovations happens at the same plane where the consumtion of music is. I believe for the last years until now, the time was not right to make this happens. But now, when the piracy alternatives began more dangerous by the days, and the right holders needs more listeners for the same income, the crowd have to be involved in the machinery. This is what the basics of the Spotify Apps. Spotify now hires the crowd to enhance the ecosystem, creating a emotional depenedence between all partners, and thus making file sharing obsolute. For example, I feel “the music on spotify” is the correct music, I cannot believe how I could stick with music acquired from other sources, as they won’t be present in my relationship with the social music. Thus, in this way, file sharing are made unintresting by these things. So what Spotify Apps do is the next step to create the ultimate business.

This is a big transition that is going on with Spotify. I also believe that the Spotify Apps is a sign of that the core business of Spotify is going to change additionally in 2012. Spotify, as now is still a very closed ecosystem, but by the introduction of Spotify Apps, it has been revaled that Spotify will make a true change to their way to present music info. Spotify Apps is still only the beginning. In my world, I have a feeling that the Apps were the opening of the service onto the listeners, next step is to open up for the artists to tighter their positions with the listernes. By the coming 15 months, I think we’ll see big changes in the behaviour artists is featured on Spotify. While apps changes how the discovery of artists is made, the upcoming upgrade will be a somewhat truly change to how artists could take advantadge of their fans.

What will happen? My instight is that the artist pages on Spotify as we see it today, will begin a process of significant changes in the coming 6 months, or  at least a part of the process. The reason for this hypothesis is the  replacement of the AllMusic pictures with the cover of the most popular release, indicating that such data will be more dynamical and that core funcationality is going to be altered. And the many issues that are reported on Get Satisfaction on lost playlists and weird behaviour is probably meaning that huge changes to the fundamentals of Spotify is going to be altered slighly.

The artist direction, the next after the apps

In 2009, I asked on the same forum about the artist profile, and one of the reps said that in the future artists will get more control. I believe so. The iTunes ping is a huge improvement that Spotify must make a response to. Now, as Spotify Apps is the third milestone after the Social revolution and the apps, the next milestone is in the artists way. The new functionality I believe will come late or by early next year (2013), is going to be a huge change in how artists and fans can interact with them together on Spotify. The new artist view, will probably create a new section for developers, “Artists account”. WiMP already has it, and allows artists to create their starring playlists. These artist accounts will allow the individual artists to customize the artist view, which will have a completely new structure. Instead of presenting all releases on the first page, the first page will be hub where the communication with the fans is done alongside with the most intresting things. A twitter feed, a personal blog and a more, more detailed biography. Reviews will be more detailed and presented on the artist view.

Artist embassadors

One remarkable thing of the change is the feature called Artist Embassadors. Artists should also be able to starr fans, and also be able to select specific users to become ambassedor. Users, who have helped the artist much with spreading and is true fans, could for example like customer champions, get access to prerelease content, discounts on tickets, and even hand out free downloads to the users but also releases that no one else could get access to, like early demos and special editions. Music is social and making the artist involved in the social communication is something that could make Spotify better for the artists, especally indie artists who are more dependent on their listeners.

These changes requires a huge change to the technical infrastructure of the Spotify backends and this is what I believe going on.

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Spotify Apps is better than I believed

There gone two months since the official release of the Spotify Apps platform. Since that I submitted my own app concept ‘time machine’. I’d also got a work with a company on a new spotify app. Both of these concepts were approved.

It seems like the tight boundaries I’ve been scared of is most a way from Spotify’s side to maintain legal stability. It definitely important to make sure the platform won’t be housing illegal apps that put Spotify in a dangerous situation. But for me who want to make cool mashups, the boundaries seems to none of a problem.

I talked with Ronald, an employee of Spotify, responsible for the spotify apps submissions some weeks ago, and he said that they don’t care if you disclose the app prior to submission. You’re also okey to create apps prior to app concept submission, but it off course with a risk of having to change a lot in the case the app’s concept. But if your concept doesn’t involve things that may put Spotify at a risk, such involving youtube videos, ugly hacks or any kind of harmful things, they probably will welcome you.

So this means that Spotify Apps probably will be pretty open for developers, and thus the need of a 3rd party solution will be slighly reduced. So there probably no reason to spend more work on this at this time (though I still will save it), and instead focus on promoting the new cool platform.

My fear Spotify Apps would be a channel for the ‘evil’ labels is fortunally not real, and this means that we can start working with it.

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Switching direction

Hi again!

There has gone some time since this site become geoholiumed by the Spotify official Spotify Apps, blocking the the site intention.

As a result, it aren’t worth continue working on *SpotifyApps anymore, but I will let the code and the project page be left for some reasons. Instead, I will use this site nowmore as a inofficial site where I post thoughs, code, ideas about the official Spotify Apps platform.

As you may note, to prevent split brain syndrom, when I mean my implementation of Spotify Apps, I write it *SpotifyApps, because I use the uinary (*) token as a pointer that points on a geoholiumed or alternate meaning of a item, in this case Spotify Apps.

If anyone is still intrested of grabbing and playing around with *SpotifyApps you’re so welcome but please be aware there will no be more effort on this implementation since it are geoholiumed by Spotify. However, if I get some time space, I may try to implement some of the offical Spotify Apps javascript objects into *SpotifyApps, but this is something that is not on priority right now.

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Some nice words about what’s happened this week.


This is a letter from Alexander Forselius, a customer champion on the support forums. I’m from Lidköping, but born in Brasov Romani, lived in Stockholm 1994 – 2000 and now lives in Lidköping, but I really want to move back to Stockholm (or another big city) some day. I’m a code lover, and have done some nice programming related to your service (Spotify) which I’m going to tell you a little more later in this letter.

First of all I want to congratulate you to your awesome update that was rolled out yesterday, with huge improvements to the Spotify client, by addition of several good improvements I have been waiting for nearly since the beginning of Spotifys history. All new features that came yesterday are truley awesome! The new feature allowing people to find other people’ public playlist by the name, is one of the best improvement I ever see to this service. This addition will definitely be a huge benefit to us artists who need to get more exposure on the Spotify service and increase our potential. This new feature is definetly making the life easier as an independent artists since people now is able to discover new gems on Spotify by finding playlists that matches the good query. This means labels and artists can promote themselves and their content by creating good mixtapes of their content together with other more well-known content. For me as an A&R for I’m very satisfied.
The thanks is not at the end here. Next thing that you have well done is the addition of seeing what other people are playing right now. While this is also an awesome feature and benefits emerging artists as they are promoted each time they are played by someone, I’m glad people can opt out it for privacy reasons. Also, I’m not ready with my enumeration of your award-winning news. The gems I told you is still only the drumroll, because the truly best thing you ever has done, and will benefit the community and is absolutely one of your biggest, greatest, gorgeous enhancement you’ve done is Spotify Apps! I have never before see a such big directional switch for this service as Spotify Apps. This new service is definitely going to make Spotifythe award-winning service for years. By allowing people and companies create ‘Apps’ for Spotify that deals with the core aspects of the service, this service has got a additional dimension! This feature has been my dream and a suggestion from the community since many years ago. This functionality is more than worth the gorgeous event that was held yesterday in New York, it’s really a new direction for Spotify!

A thing that is very, very intrigous things is that the Spotify Apps seems replicating a concept that I did in a hack for Spotify back in spring 2010. The hack, which amusingly were called ‘SpotiApps’ did create somewhat a App functionality to the Windows Spotify client by some hooks. While the hack was running, playlists could be associated to ‘SpotiApp’ that was loaded in the program and written in C# assemblies, and when the playlist were loaded, the app shown an window that were assigned by the “SpotiApp” runtime to the bounds of the content window in the Spotify client, giving a artifact not unique to Spotify Apps. Have at the look at the video on the link I attached, when the program is running and the user is clicking on a playlist, the content window were filled with an ‘App’ that was associated with the playlist’s name. The hack iself was however not so good in the performance and quality, but maybe this was something that become a spark for the real Spotify Apps? See it here:
Another intresting thing were some months ago this release of Spotify Apps, I created somewhat a like program, also this were amusingly named ‘Spotify Apps’, but however in another apporoach. This apporoach were based on a external java app which could be extended with ‘apps’ and was based on Java Swings. Only a few days before the release of the official SpotifyApps, I’d coming far with writting a specification of the framework, and also did hand out some invitations of to the site to some of Spotifys best partners like Afront, and only days later the real Spotify Apps were announced. A important thing with Spotify Apps was to extend the URL model with a new url type, like “SpotifyApp:<appname>:<params>” and also this was made inSpotify Apps.

The occurance of this project, SpotiApps and the now release of Spotify Apps make me wonder if some staff at the Spotify dev had make sense on my hacks some time ago and then considered to made it as a part of the real product. You’ve free to do that, I have nothing against it at all, I’m so happy you did it. My hacks were not working well and I feel it very good you’ve realized my goal of my projects, since it was extremly exhausing work that had impact of other things at my life. So not going to sue you, because I really see the potential of that. Instead I’m the happiest boy in the whole world right now, who feels how my biggest dream about this fantastic products suddently is presented in a spectacular coference all over the world, and see my dream realize and become present everywhere. But if it were likely my work has been a contribution to the idea, you could consider me as a little contributer to that…  Read more about the plugin at this site.
Just the day before the announcement, I had a strange dream, where I saw a view over Riddarfjärden in Stockholm (my dream is to join Spotify, but here I was working on PC För Alla with a plexi glass transparent pages) and suddently I discovered I were able to affect the view. First I managed to create some few red houses in the dizzy horizont, then I suddently got them to be couple of them, then the buildings become somewhat a fortress, then a palace, the palace get bigger, bigger and then it becomes a huge building, growing up to the clouds, the view become a city with a futuristic, fantasy look of houses with strange colors and shapes, the city doubled and then everything got enormous. Then everything become a huge room. I hovered out in the sky and then everything got black, really black and I woke up. Some time later I got know the new direction for Spotify was a platform for app.
I’m a boy with Aspergers Syndrom and I’ve been working with computer since five years ago, since I was a child, much because I had lack of social skills, and I began to get knowledge that impressed many people.
Whole these days and the set of events feels like a strange, gorgeous dream where one of my largets suggestion of the service finally got real. I will never forget your service and I’m in truley love with your business. What’ve you done to me and other can not be valued, it extremly gorgeous. I felt Spotify is the future of digital music and media.

With this said, the years with you I’ve been since the beginning of 2009 has been fantastic! Your attention to me and other customers, realizing their dreams is so much worth. I’m so bored, annoyed and angry about the fact you’re so offended by some of big labels that offend you like a kid in the school, who believe your busines is ‘stealing the music’ and struggling to make obstacles for you, your business and your goals, by altering laws, uploading music to you and then take it down, making your customers very angry, it’s never your fault. I really hope those big labels someday will blown up by their bad choices to not let people enjoy music in a legal, amusing, fun and cheap way.

I believe music is a part of our emotion range, with music both listeners and artist is managing various emtions of life. Love, hate, sadness, lucky and without the ability to sing, play and music I believe humans had never become cleaver, because it helps people to deal with feelings. Moreover, I’m also a musician who have produced a large number of music ranging from mainstream electronica to more meditative, drone avantgarde music.

I really hope your business will continue well. I really hope you also take the time and money and satisfy the last percent who are really, really need of the much wanted iPad app, at least give them a hint that this is ongoing. I only wish you when you’re so good way, to not impact your image by dissatisfying the last percent of users and please, now focus on providing them with their needs. I hope you consider to fix those issues with playback that reported, really, really hoping you can attract labels, rising the income for the musician and labels so you don’t purge your fantastic position you’re on. No company in the world seems to have the potential to make a so good deal as Spotify.

I wish you’re about to consider fixing those aspects of the service that are making a large amount of people leaving your awesome service. I hope you consider delay the full working version of the first version of Spotify Apps until you have make sure the users get their very wanted iPad app, a fully working Android app that don’t make people struggling with network issues, audio problems, lost offline mode, and definitely disable the gracenote metadata system at default, because this has been an really, really big problem for many users. If you consider seriously to get further, fix this issues and you’re the absolutely perfect music company in the world I trust you fully. I’m a customer who have fall in true love with your service.

Thanks for the trip with you.. Your service has definetly changed my life forever, in the better way. I’m really excited to continue with your service.

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This site was near a spiritual forecast

I’m going to tell you some deep though of what this site is all about.

This site is probably a spiritual item, but also becoming a geoholium. It a own term I coined for things that has been placed prior or post to a event in a timeline that changed direction, which makes the event/item unable to happen.

But instictivily, I also have been seen beyond Spotify’s secret doors, by my deep mental power with Spotify, I have feelt like more spiritual by the days, I probably astral project in my dreams, and trvel across time and room and get emotions about future things in the time space, like a medium. I begin to feel more spiritual by the days, though I’m not ready to leave my body, I have a buddha woman inside myself and I were able to predict the future. I also were predicting a incident with a site I was involved in, which happned very recently. I’m not a real medium, but have deep, very deep emotion about things in the universe and I feel this project is something strange spiritual.

This site has been an forecast into the future. By the morning, it has been reveiled that Spotify are doing that I every time dreamed about, an App model, like this site was alla bout. So I’ve always gone with the answer of the new direction and developed with Spotify ideas without physical connection to them, and this act like a parallelle dimension where I developed on this platform as a ghost Spotify. By the way it will be, probably as a integration of the Spotify client, I finally going to get what I want. All the effort I put here was probably a work in somewhat a ‘parallelle dimension’ of what’s going to happen with Spotify today.

This means this project will be shut down, according to the new things that are going to presented on the event. My effort will be moved in the metaphysical plane to Spotify system without being knowing this.

I feel my spirit is very loaded right now, as I’ve feelt a deep depression since long ago, probably

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New Beta!

I have created an new beta of Spotify Apps. This beta contains some plugins basing of popular mashups created for Spotify as an demonstration of the app.

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