Spotify Apps is discountined.

I’m Alexander, a.k.a Dr. Sounds, who creates ambient music with a bright obsession to Spotify due to their choice of an own amazing UI engine they wrote from scratch which now is gone.

http://github.com/drsounds/spoyler <- Work in progress on my clone of the UI tech Spotify invented.


This project is depredicted by November 30th, 2011 since Spotify has released Spotify Apps. Our instance of Spotify Apps is now declared *SpotifyApps without space, to break apart from the official product.

*SpotifyApps is an special spotify client like application in Java, whilst not being an clone, is going to be an base platform to enginer 3rd party mashup relating to Spotify. The mashup comes in java packages and *SpotifyApps platform should host an generic GUI style and guideline across all Spotify Apps and interfacing with the Spotify client for playback.

I consider Spotify’s official Spotify Apps is going to replace my Spotify Ultra, Spobbler and Spotiapps since the projects were to exhausing to work with an host, and creating an clone of the official client in order to realise the dream of an spotify extension system didn’t be an reliable solution.

I haven’t yet decided how I will go further with this project since the release of Spotify Apps. But if Spotify goes to far with their regulations of what apps that can be developed for Spotify Apps, I may continue the project with another alias. However, I won’t put any effort on an continuation of this project in the near time since I believe the goal of the project has already been reached and I have to do much other things right now like School. 


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