Catching the Spider

Spotify has become terrible the recent years. Their amazing spider UI framework were replaced by webkit, for developer convenience. I loved their old amazing framework, which they reveal so little.

And the doctor told me to not swim for a while until I get my fungal infection healed which drains my identity as swimming is a big thing for me, so I went on terbinafine (which I call “turbinafine”, a.k.a. turbine for the weapon that kills my fungus (hopefully))… So I had to invest in my Spotify karma again (which I sold in 2012 with Bungalow Doctrine) and spend some of my qi to write a clone of their first spotify clients, to give the world ‘access’ to the amazing GUI technology Spotify invented.

My obsession for Spotify is not rooted in their relation to the music industry, nor they were first to provide music for free to all. The real reason was because I got Spotify when I had an crappy computer, Acer aspire at that time and while every other program ran as an 386 processor, Spotify ran so holy smooth. It was just pure magic.

So I decided I must clone this amazing tech. I have tried to do this in several episodes. First 2011 in C#, abandoned it. Then in Java, abandoned it. Then various HTML5 clients.

Now the final project is to do this with the same way as the Spotify team did.

This week I accomplished to load binary images, and write a fundamental UI framework.

Some guys told they’ve called this framework Spider, and I really need to get my hands on it. So I write it for myself. My plan is two editions of it. One is a clone of the spotify client that resembles the experience many people now miss, a sleek, low memory and fast user interface, and another to give the world access to an holy awesome GUI framework that could get in playing field with QT, GTK+ etc.

It will not be an exact clone of the interface, some differences.

I’ve come very far on this. It is themable, and the themes is simply a png file which the program chunks from.

The other version that could be used for other stuff than Spotify is easy to ‘debrand’ from Spotify, as the theme can be changed, and brand names will be removed.

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