Cloning Spotify Apps API 1.X

As many of you might know, Spotify is planning to discountinue their Spotify Apps API released back in 2011. The reason, according to their announcement blog post is the shift to mobile devices and partners wants to ‘own a cheaper presence inside spotify’. Not only this means that no more app will be submitted, existing app will probably soon disappear and lot of Spotify Apps hacks will be permanently not longer functioning due to their dependence on a proprierty API.

So yesterday, after having a swimming and aqua jogging workout, I used that qi to build an open source clone of the Spotify Apps 1.X require system, the first part of an open source Spotify Apps API 1.X environment. My plan for this environment, is to open up the Spotify Apps to work with any underlying music service at the user’s preference. However, next monday I begin my first occupation so this won’t be prioritized at all.

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