Time for Cydia for Spotify

Sorry it took so long time for me to get back here, but I have been working with lot of things outside the Spotify realm.

However, I don’t like the Spotify Apps anymore. I was one of the few independent developers who got an app concept approved, and with now over 28 months with the Apps platform I’m really disatisfied. There is still only a few apps on the platform, and all of them are just like interactive ads from big companies, nothing worth interest. The marketing and approval of app concepts are just only an new ad channel for Spotify targeted at paying users under the false flag ‘Spotify Apps’.

My idea was to create a channel for Spotify, and in a dream, I met one employee of Spotify at the astral space, where I signed an agreement where I sold my idea to them, in exchange for a lot of karmatic qi, to get past a personal disaster. The idea seems to be have evolved into an pure marketing channel for major brands and labels. The promised platform for music discovery is only a way for the major labels to bring out their shit on the service, and this even to paying users.

This was the outcame I never hoped should be. After each hack day, the gentleman Mager says to the developers who showcase “Why don’t submit your app concept”. But when the developer hands in their concept, they get the concept rejected by the UX team, because they ‘a button is wrong colored or wrong typeface and doesn’t follow our rules’, but what I see, is that none of the apps that were on the platform from the major brand fullfill these requirements, it’s just only a way for Spotify to reject apps that aren’t backed by a million-brand.

So now, I have a plan to show Spotify this isn’t the way. I’m having a plan to defend the freedom at the Spotify platform, and go in the iOS hacker’s footstep – jailbreaking Spotify Apps!

During the autumn, I will prepare my new project, Spydia, a cydia-like app store for Spotify! On this place, we will liberalise the spotify apps for indie developers and liberating who can get discovered on Spotify and who can develop for Spotify.

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