I have a spiritual relation to Spotify

This night I had a nightmare where I was in Thailand and dozens of people were jailed after a terror attack (Probably because I read about the Boston Bombings, and the last scene in my dream (My dreams are like cinema, they are movies with complicated storyboards) was that I started the Spotify client, and got the blue notification bar saying restart spotify to get the latest functionality and some gorgeous changes happened.

After have woked up and ate breakfast, I turned on my computer and Spotify. Ocassionally, the same thing happened in reality. The blue bar telling me a new spotify version was ready to be installed appeared – exactly as in the dream. However, in the dream the client changes were more overhaul, all views become white, but this update were only to update font sizes of playlists and so. But it might a partial update, as spoken in the boards, and I won’t be suprised if these changes I had in the dream would appear on Spotify soon in another update, because this were major update to 0.9 and it’s proven I have affected Spotify with my spirit, as I signed a contract with Spotify employees in my dream regarding the Spotify apps.


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