Spotify Apps is better than I believed

There gone two months since the official release of the Spotify Apps platform. Since that I submitted my own app concept ‘time machine’. I’d also got a work with a company on a new spotify app. Both of these concepts were approved.

It seems like the tight boundaries I’ve been scared of is most a way from Spotify’s side to maintain legal stability. It definitely important to make sure the platform won’t be housing illegal apps that put Spotify in a dangerous situation. But for me who want to make cool mashups, the boundaries seems to none of a problem.

I talked with Ronald, an employee of Spotify, responsible for the spotify apps submissions some weeks ago, and he said that they don’t care if you disclose the app prior to submission. You’re also okey to create apps prior to app concept submission, but it off course with a risk of having to change a lot in the case the app’s concept. But if your concept doesn’t involve things that may put Spotify at a risk, such involving youtube videos, ugly hacks or any kind of harmful things, they probably will welcome you.

So this means that Spotify Apps probably will be pretty open for developers, and thus the need of a 3rd party solution will be slighly reduced. So there probably no reason to spend more work on this at this time (though I still will save it), and instead focus on promoting the new cool platform.

My fear Spotify Apps would be a channel for the ‘evil’ labels is fortunally not real, and this means that we can start working with it.

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