Switching direction

Hi again!

There has gone some time since this site become geoholiumed by the Spotify official Spotify Apps, blocking the the site intention.

As a result, it aren’t worth continue working on *SpotifyApps anymore, but I will let the code and the project page be left for some reasons. Instead, I will use this site nowmore as a inofficial site where I post thoughs, code, ideas about the official Spotify Apps platform.

As you may note, to prevent split brain syndrom, when I mean my implementation of Spotify Apps, I write it *SpotifyApps, because I use the uinary (*) token as a pointer that points on a geoholiumed or alternate meaning of a item, in this case Spotify Apps.

If anyone is still intrested of grabbing and playing around with *SpotifyApps you’re so welcome but please be aware there will no be more effort on this implementation since it are geoholiumed by Spotify. However, if I get some time space, I may try to implement some of the offical Spotify Apps javascript objects into *SpotifyApps, but this is something that is not on priority right now.

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