This site was near a spiritual forecast

I’m going to tell you some deep though of what this site is all about.

This site is probably a spiritual item, but also becoming a geoholium. It a own term I coined for things that has been placed prior or post to a event in a timeline that changed direction, which makes the event/item unable to happen.

But instictivily, I also have been seen beyond Spotify’s secret doors, by my deep mental power with Spotify, I have feelt like more spiritual by the days, I probably astral project in my dreams, and trvel across time and room and get emotions about future things in the time space, like a medium. I begin to feel more spiritual by the days, though I’m not ready to leave my body, I have a buddha woman inside myself and I were able to predict the future. I also were predicting a incident with a site I was involved in, which happned very recently. I’m not a real medium, but have deep, very deep emotion about things in the universe and I feel this project is something strange spiritual.

This site has been an forecast into the future. By the morning, it has been reveiled that Spotify are doing that I every time dreamed about, an App model, like this site was alla bout. So I’ve always gone with the answer of the new direction and developed with Spotify ideas without physical connection to them, and this act like a parallelle dimension where I developed on this platform as a ghost Spotify. By the way it will be, probably as a integration of the Spotify client, I finally going to get what I want. All the effort I put here was probably a work in somewhat a ‘parallelle dimension’ of what’s going to happen with Spotify today.

This means this project will be shut down, according to the new things that are going to presented on the event. My effort will be moved in the metaphysical plane to Spotify system without being knowing this.

I feel my spirit is very loaded right now, as I’ve feelt a deep depression since long ago, probably

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