Preview of first beta Spotify Apps

We’ll going to preview the first draft of Spotify Apps. This for power users only!

This experimental software!

To check it out, do following:

1. Install JRE 1.6

Important! Java 7 does not work! And make sure you only use 32 Bit version of the JRE.

2.1. Add the bin folder of Java SE binaries 1.6 to your system PATH variable.

2. Download the and spotifyapps.jar from our project page download section (downloads should be there shortly).

3. Extract spotiapps-utils zip and move the folder ‘spotiapps’ to the C:\ root directory (other locations letters will be supporter later).

3. Download spotifyapps.jar and place it in C root (other location will supported later).

4. Run the spotifyapp-protocol.reg file provided in the directory:

5. Then try this link to see what happens: Radio with my favorite artists ‘Dr. Sounds and Lady Gaga’

Note: An lesser ugly and more fancy installation process will be done when the app is getting closer to something mature. This is an experimental release only.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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